Acropolis House

Renovation of a two-storey 1970's house

The project included a series of interior and exterior interventions of a two-storey building that was initially built in the 1970’s. Located in the general area of the Acropolis the buildings terrace had unobstructed view of the Parthenon temple.

Due to its corner location the three facades overlooked the streets intersection. Although it was surrounded by neoclassical buildings the building itself had a completely different and more simplistic style. At first, the ground floor was occupied by a retail shop, the main entrance and a small parking space whereas the first floor was occupied by a separated 100sqm apartment with its own terrace.

The architectural design aimed to create a modern building reformulating elements of neoclassical architecture in an abstract and minimal way.

Externally, the façade was given extra volume by creating a solid parapet on the balconies and terrace. The pergola of the terrace aimed to highlight and heighten the corner façade of the building. Parallel to the terraces perimeter and in retreat a planted zone was created in order to create a secluded but with unobstructed view private open space. Indents of the same color as the windows were placed under the lower part of the openings so as to create the perception of a bigger window height.

The interior reformation included the creation of two separated apartments in each floor with a common entrance as well as the creation of a small studio space in the previous parking space.

Principal Architect

Ioli Tripodakis


Acropolis - Athens - Greece








350 sqm


P&K Engineers and Consultants


Mihalis Athanasopoulos