BIG SEE Interior Design Awards 2023

An industrial style open space office

The office space is situated on the first floor of a two-story retail structure with its only openings to the north and south in the densely populated region of Kalithea. While the southern side borders an open area encircled by the adjacent apartment buildings, the northern side borders a cul-de-sac that is partially planted. With openings that allow for natural cross ventilation, the open layout space is rectangular in shape and measures 17 metres in length, 11 metres in width, and 2.85 metres in height.

The brief requested a waiting space that could accommodate two to three people, six workstations, two management offices, one conference room with seating for ten people, a printing room with extra workstations, and auxiliary use facilities (kitchenette, wc).The existing open layout of the space inspired the architectural approach to create a flexible and interactive working environment. Three separate zones were created through the use of transparent divisions which preserved the openness whilst distinguishing the different functions within the office. On the north side were the manager’s offices and the conference room, while on the south side was the printing room with extra uses. The staff’s offices and a small waiting area were situated between them.

The uses on the south and north sides were separated by transparent glass partitions with metal framing. A metal bookcase that was designed to not hinder the visual perception of the entire space separates the waiting area from the staff offices. Additionally, the managers’ offices were positioned on each side of the meeting room and are functionally and aesthetically connected to it by sliding glass partitions. Planters were positioned externally along the length of the balconies to expand the interior space and establish a natural barrier.

The orientation of the area, and consequently its natural lighting, was another crucial architectural consideration. In contrast to summer, when natural lighting is not direct, about half of the space receives direct sunlight during the winter. Interior vertical movable and rotating shades were put in all apertures for maximum thermal and visual comfort. Due to the position of the blinds, the time of day, and the season, the perception and mood of the area are constantly altered.

The overall industrial aesthetic approach was heavily inspired by the pre-existing textures and materials. The mosaic floor was repaired and preserved in its original form. The exposed concrete ceiling was fixed and highlighted using indirect lighting. The frames of the glass dividers and the library furniture were made of metal, while for the artificial lighting, hanging linear luminaires of the same type were used. A similar intention was guiding the selection or the custom design of the office equipment.

Principal Architect

Ioli Tripodakis


Kallithea - Attica - Greece








190 sqm


Giorgos Sfakianakis