Dorieas Residential Building

Redesign of an unfinished building

The initial two-storey family house was built in 1972. In 2005 two extra stories were added and the main entrance was slightly displaced. Although the structural frame and the wall fillings of the extension were completed, the apartment building as a whole was not finished.


The project included the redesign of the exterior facades as well as the complete refurbishment of the internal spaces for each floor. The main scope of the design was to merge the old building with the new extension and create a unified architectural whole.

The façade is enhanced with three major interventions. The first one is the ceiling extension of the third floor that aims to unify all levels and to create a more compact building. The second is the thickening of the balconies that added both extra volume and horizontal movement. Lastly, by adding vertical aluminum blinds in the southwest façade the characteristic acute angle of the initial structure is highlighted, achieving simultaneously variable atmospheric interiors during the day and during different times of the year.

Principal Architect

Ioli Tripodakis


Marousi - Athens - Greece






Under construction


450 sqm


Nikos Pantazis


Mihalis Athanasopoulos