Nesea Boutique Apartments – Pasithea

Renovation of a small apartment

Pasithea apartment is part of the Nesea Boutique apartments hotel but it is located on the second floor of a separated building in the west part of the port of Hydra Island.

The plan of the apartment has an almost rectangular shape with a small balcony on its northern side. Pre-existing windows on the west and on the north side fills the apartment with natural light during the day.

On the southern side, where there are no windows, the bathroom and a small closet were placed so as to meet the needs of the visitors. The bathroom door was made of sandblasted glass in order to lit the bathroom naturally, but also to block the view inside the bathroom when it is closed.

The initial floor tiles were replaced by wooden natural oak floor and the roof was painted in white. The blue colour of the windows were kept and the textiles were all selected on earthy tones to enhance the serenity of the staying.

Principal Architect

Ioli Tripodakis


Hydra Island - Greece






25 sqm


Giorgos Sfakianakis